Monday, August 25, 2014

Whew!!!! We made it!

Last week, our county finished its first week of school.  It was a whirl wind but enjoyed getting to know my students.  This year is the first year I have taught 5th grade, so getting my feet planted and ready to grow is what I have been striving to do. Last week we did lots of getting to know you activities.  I think my favorite is the Human Dictionary.  I was so blessed to have a teammate share this activity with me last year, but time seemed to get away from tried it this year!!!

The Human Dictionary is a great way to introduce dictionary skills, parts of speech (such as adjectives, nouns, verbs) and the ins and outs to a defintion.  First, students looks up their first and last name for pronunciation (write the first and last name the way it is pronounced).  Then, places a "n" for noun.  Finally, has to define themselves (have students write two yo three sentences about themselves). What do they love, makes them smile, or hld dear to their hearts.  Afterwards, students share their definition of who they are.  It was really neat.  The definitions are going to be a part of my OPEN HOUSE bulletin board.  I will show pictures of the finished products.  My finish it by then end of the week.

What "getting to know you" activities do you enjoying doing with your class?

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