Monday, August 11, 2014

It's back to school for me!

Today, is my husband's favorite time of the year.......the sound of MY alarm going off and his excitement for ME tugging myself out of bed and beginning the day before the sun greets us with its warm smile.  Well.....I did it!! Luckily today is the an optional pre-planning day, so my brain didn't have to function completely. 

Even though today was the first day of pre-planning for my county, my boys (ages of 6 and 4) and I were in my classroom on Thursday, moving all of my stuff from one classroom to the next.  I was impressed!  The three of us moved my ENTIRE classroom in 4 hours!    The best part....I never even packed up a thing.  We literally moved everything the way it was and moved into the middle of my new classroom.  It was the next day that extra adult hands were super helpful.  While my boys were coloring and greeting teachers from various places of the school, my dear friend took down my bulletin boards from my previous classroom to my new classroom.  She was an angel.  As she was putting together my bulletin boards, I organized my classroom.  So today was really just an easy day, coming back and really thinking about what my goal is for my 5th graders and how am I going to achieve it. 

Here is my classroom so particular theme...just lots of color!

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